Dear RentMen visitors, AtticusStriker chose to answer 16 interview questions that were last updated on 31 May 2023


  • Tell us what you consider to be your greatest life experience.
    Theres so many best experiences in my life that its very hard to pick just one. But to sum up all those experiences into 1, i would have to say that the best experience in my life is living life itself.
  • What kind of diet and fitness regiment do you follow?
    I drink lots of Water, i keep a steady Diet along with a everyday Exercise routine.
  • What do you do for fun?
    As a Musical Theater Major, i love to sing, dance and perform on stage. Those 3 things are what im best at and i love doing them. i used to be a dance teacher and an acting coach, seeing my students do what they love to do and show me what ive taught them, its what makes me love being a Musical Theater Major and its extremely fun.
  • If you have to pick one thing that everyone else should absolutely know about you, what would it be?
    I may be a Blonde dude, but never underestimate us Blondes. Were very smart, extremely fun and strong-minded people, were definitely not dumb blondes like everyone thinks, LOL. Come see me in person and let me prove it to you. We will have the best time and experience together, were gonna have a blast.
  • What makes you stand out from the crowd?
    Im always true to myself, kept all my promises, shown my Loyalty and respect, expressed my honesty, displayed clean hygiene, never stole anything and ive always accomplished my priorities 1st.its hard to find someone or anyone with all those good traits or even half of them. Im one of the good dudes and it seems like were disappearing, becoming less and less of us everyday in the world. i wish there were more dudes like me everywhere, if you meet and hangout with me, you will understand what im talking about.
  • What would you like your followers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?
    Im a very creative person in alot of things which helps my brain to always be rolling and fresh, it always helps me to keep my eyes and mind open. i have alot of great and big ideas, its what helps me be a better manager, teacher and a better person
  • How do you go that ‘extra mile' in your life?
    Everyday i check my Credit Karma to see if theres anything to improve my credit score.
  • What’s your lifestyle? What makes you who you are?
    Every job ive had in life, its always been a fast pace hard working job and i come from a family of serious hard workers. So taking things seriously and being a hard worker, it just comes natural to me. but all that helps me to always put my priorities and bills 1st.
  • What is your ‘niche’?
    My specialty would be cleaning/organizing/making lists. I Like to be an organized and to be a clean person cause im very happy when i clean, get stuff done and know where everything is. ive heard from alot of my friends that im very good at it but like i tell everyone else, as long as you have a system in your head and coffee in the morning to wake up and energize then thats the best time to do it, i listen to music while im doing everything in my apartment so it helps me focus and stay on task
  • What are your hobbies? What do you like to do in your spare time?
    For my hobbies, i love to plan out my Calendar a week before the next month begins so i can plan out my work days, bills, goals, reminders and appointments. i have 2 Calendars, one is for my work and RentMen, the other one is for my bills, goals, reminders and appointments. I also love to make list and write them down in a notebook that i have for on the go cause alot of times when im at work, i think of alot of reminders and things i need to buy and i used to tell myself to do it later but i would always forget so i write them done. It helps me think alot about what i need and when im out and about, if im passing a certain store, i can go in and grab whatever is on my list. i dont like to type it on my phone cause i do enough on my phone as it is. marking things off my list makes me feel accomplished.
  • If you and I were on the beach having some wine and great food, what would you tell me about yourself.
    I would tell you, "Im having alot of fun with you today,its been very relaxing, chill and calm. I hardly get any of that cause of work and other things, its like a little vacation for me.If only i can be this relaxed forever, then it would be heaven. Even if its just us talking, hanging out, laughing and even cuddling. Those things make a huge difference in a person's life and i thank you for that. For me, its the little things that matter the most, they can also keep me relaxed the most and in this world it's hard to just get away from certain things to relax or breathe and even just talk about things for advice that im struggling with. You were my angle today, Thank-You. i really hope we can do this again sometime soon.
  • What are your greatest personal traits?
    Loyalty, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Hardworking, Passionate, Thoughtfulness, Caring, Loving and Creative
  • What should others absolutely know about you?
    That im Human just like everyone else. I have a beautiful Heart and Soul, some dudes just have one or the other, and sometimes they have neither.I guarantee you that ill always leave you smiling and will always show your a Fun-Filled-Fantastic time.
  • What do you enjoy most about yourself?
    i enjoy the conversations, the comfort and the company i bring, along with the fun of going out in the city.
  • How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or you are more of a homebody?
    Yes, i travel every weekend, from Friday morning till Sunday night, just in time for me to be at work at 10:00 pm
  • Name 5 things that you can’t live without.