Dear RentMen visitors, Exoticjock chose to answer 6 interview questions that were last updated on 13 Aug 2022


  • If you and I were on the beach having some wine and great food, what would you tell me about yourself.
    I'd probably will show you pics and tell how much I love my two cats.
  • What do you do for fun?
    Video games, hikes, simulators, go karts, road trips
  • What is your ‘niche’?
    Latinx top twink - indigenes ancestors
  • What kind of diet and fitness regiment do you follow?
    I love eating everything, that's why extra time at the gym is always appreciated :)
  • What’s your lifestyle? What makes you who you are?
    I love hiking, automobiles and sports cars, speed turns me on a lot but always with responsibility. I got this F1 Sim I love spending time with. I don't know what would be of me without video games, movies and music.
  • What do you enjoy most about yourself?
    Active learner, new experiences and exploration of the unknown fills me up with a lot of energy.