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HarvardHustle's Interview

Dear RentMen Visitors, Recently HarvardHustle chose to answer 6 interview questions and his interview was last updated on .

  • What do you do for fun?

    I love camping, hiking, and nature. When we meet, please share some of your favorite places to explore (dog-friendly is a plus!) around New York and beyond.

  • How do you go that ‘extra mile' in your life?

    The saying "go hard or go home" has always been one that resonated with me -- in all settings imaginable. For me, this seldom comes with the pressure of performance. Instead, this general orientation keys me into and helps me finely tune the nuances of any activity, job, or hobby. Those who know me well will attest to my knack for setting the mood and ambience -- it's really all in the details!

  • What’s your lifestyle? What makes you who you are?

    I am heavily oriented toward the present. A personal disclosure -- I'm frankly not the best planner or digital communicator. A corollary of this downside -- when I spend time with someone, I am fully engaged. I'm not one to think about what's next on-the-docket and am seldom glued to my phone (That is, when I can find it!).

  • What would you like your followers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?

    "With a degree from Harvard, why are you on RentMen?" I work in a fairly technical and niche academic field. While on-the-prowl for the right-job rather than the right-now-job, I'm making up for the time forgoed while my nose was buried in the books (or in my laptop, more accurately) to accomplish some nonacademic personal goals -- including some travel and backpacking -- made possible by the flexible schedule I have through my work here.

  • What is your ‘niche’?

    A supervisor once said that I was "dangerous" because "[I] go on tangents -- and take everyone with me." I'm a divergent thinker with the gift of gab. The time we spend together won't be the most concise, but I promise it'll be fun, spontaneous, and different.

  • What do you enjoy most about yourself?

    There is little guesswork when it comes to me. I'm candid, authentic, and an open book. To the same degree that I wear my heart on my sleeve, I love learning about what makes you tick. This combination of give-and-take has given me unexpected insights and experiences that make every encounter an opportunity for a surprise connection.