Dear RentMen visitors, ThomasTheMan chose to answer 14 interview questions that were last updated on 03 Feb 2023


  • What is your ‘niche’?
    ‘One in a million’… check out my reviews, I’m discovering it myself… they say more than I could ever come up with.
  • What makes you stand out from the crowd?
    I am genuine, and don't do this (***ing - obviously) just for money. I like discovering desires, fantasies and fetishes...

    Everytime I meet a new man, I feel like I discover a new world. And it's not only the world of intimacy or sexuality, but the whole universe of experiences that in any other circumstances would not be possible.

    Most importantly this also usually happens to my clients.
  • What would you like your followers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?
    There are ’compulsory’ pics and lots of ‘professional’ assurances …. None of this matters that much what you find insidey and the feeling you are left with is the sexiest, in me and each of us.
  • If you and I were on the beach having some wine and great food, what would you tell me about yourself.
    I could pick any day from last few years, and tell you about it, from waking up until going to bed, and you wouldn't believe how awesome it is. There's comedy, drama, fantasy, and twists no one could make up. I could fill up entire Netflix with weird and funny stories, but... It's even more interesting to hear other people stories.
  • Tell us what you consider to be your greatest life experience.
    99% of time, when I meet a new client, I break the ice ieasily. I find something fascinating, something very sexy about everyone, and turn a hookup into unforgettable experience for both of us.

    Each time it is becoming a great experience. Which one is the greatest? I couldn't decide.
  • What do you do for fun?
    This (***ing) is what i do for fun, it's otherwise I love making videos while travelling or cycling around.
  • If you have to pick one thing that everyone else should absolutely know about you, what would it be?
    All the guys on this website are hot, sexy and awesome! But... there's only one Thomas! And what it is that makes me unique, will be different for each of the clients, so it's best to find out in person what it is!
  • How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or you are more of a homebody?
    I am a true cancerian - I love my nest. At the same time travelling is one of my life's biggest passions, especially 'intrepid travelling'. I'm more attracted by seeing, smelling, tasting, discovering other cultures, extremes... than fancy hotels and 'safe' destinations, my recents trips were to Bhutanese Himalayas, Borneo, Honduras etc...
  • What do you enjoy most about yourself?
    I have good body, handsome face and contagious smile. My personality is by far my best, most attractive and unique asset.
  • How do you go that ‘extra mile' in your life?
    One thing I dislike in life is 'average' or mediocracy. I tend to go the 'extra mile' in everything I do. I wish i was an artist (maybe I am) but everything I do, even daily chores, have to be perfect... you can be an artist in every aspect of life. Do something with love or don't do it!
  • What are your hobbies? What do you like to do in your spare time?
    I love photography and video (not necessary the XXX type, that too!). It's more about experimenting with technology - flying drone, action cam, or even just a smartphone, and using editing software to create short stories.

    This, combined with passion for intrepid travelling, taking my dog for long walks to new parks, outdoors... there's a lot for me to discover here, I have only recently move to the Netherlands, is my idea of good time.
  • What should others absolutely know about you?
    Let's quote: 'be warned he will make you crave for more and leave you wanting his touch, smell, taste to stay with you longer’...
  • What are your greatest personal traits?
    Passion - to everything I do. Honesty - I never ever lie. Happiness & enthusiasm - these are very infectious...
  • What kind of diet and fitness regiment do you follow?
    I train 4-5 times per week, mixing activities and routines - strength traing in gym, cycling (obviously), running and hiking are my favourite activities. And when I find a 'weakness', I chalenge myself. I just took on swimming! I'm also fully qualified Personal Trainer, so my approach to training is... well, 'scientific'!
    When it comes to food and nutrition, I listen to my body, and I don't really believe in 'diets' (unless for medical reasons). But speaking of regiment, I'm a big fan of intermittent fasting!