Dear RentMen visitors, Adamsurge chose to answer 9 interview questions that were last updated on 29 May 2023


  • Name 5 things that you can’t live without.
    Books, friends, coffee, apple pie, sex.
  • What makes you stand out from the crowd?
    I can pronounce nearly any sound in any language with few exceptions. Try me! I have training in phonetics and love languages.
  • What is your ‘niche’?
    I'm the artsy guy who used to ride a bike around his college town rolling cigs with gourmet tobacco. Gave up the smoking habit many years ago, but my friends are still artists, creators, poets, storytellers, actors, cabaret performers, and circus people.
  • How often do you travel? Do you prefer to travel or you are more of a homebody?
    Love to travel! For filming, I take trips usually every other month. Friends all over the country and the world to see. I enjoy both solo travel and exploration, as well as experiencing new places with a friend or partner.
  • What kind of diet and fitness regiment do you follow?
    Work out 4-5x a week, eat lots of vegetables and fruits, and drink lots of water.
  • What’s your lifestyle? What makes you who you are?
    I love adventure, stories, and intellectual pursuits. I have tons of books, more non-fiction than fiction but enjoy both. Not much of a drinker or a partier, would rather spend an evening talking about our passions in life.
  • What would you like your followers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?
    I fall in love a lot!
  • What should others absolutely know about you?
    I'm a natural older brother. Caring. Tender. Kind. Good at encouraging you to be your absolute best and celebrating your successes with you.
  • What do you enjoy most about yourself?
    I'm a nurturer and a natural conversationalist. I've had a lot of experiences in my life and I love sharing them with others and learning other people's stories.